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About Us

Our Story

Zhang Xiaochang Art Studio was founded in 2007 by Zhang Xiaochang, a professor in the Chinese Painting Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, a worldwide famous art academy. For 15 years, Zhang Xiaochang has made perfect teaching strategies according to the specific situation of American and Chinese students. Since our studio has been established for 15 years, students have been supported to participate in various important American national competitions. Our students have won more than 200 important awards. Our alumni eventually enter major universities such as Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, New York University, UCLA, USC, California Institute of the Arts, Art Center, and other top American universities.

​Zhang Xiaochang's studio chooses the best art teachers and is committed to leading the best students with professional art education.

Educational Philosophy

Art education is the key for all children to open the door of their life. Through long-term study and practice, children can gradually awaken and activate their perception of life, release their original desire for expression, and finally, express themselves through their works.

Zhang Xiaochang Art Studio offers year-round weekly art classes to all children and adults.  Students may enroll at any time during the year after passing the entrance exam. Once enrolled, students may continue for as long as they like.

Meet The Team


Shirley Lin

Our Principal

10 years educator in a Chinese College and 15+ years educator in the US. Familiarity in education for both sides. Shirley wants to assist students to not only achieve a strong foundation but also advance ahead of their school grade level by mastering the skills & abilities required to achieve excellent results efficiently. Through education, there will be a big difference in family and community!

Art Teacher

Our teacher Zhang Xiaochang is a watercolor artist,  a traditionalist who prefers a representational style.

Zhang Xiaochang was born in 1963, in Sichuan province, China. He graduated from the Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a Bachelor’s degree in 1985.

Art Teacher

Wang Zhengzheng is a painting artist based in California. After graduating from college with a sculpture major, she decided to be a freelance artist and art teacher. 

Wang Zhengzheng started teaching her art class before graduating from college. Since then, more than 1000 students have been doing their creative work in her studio in both US and China. 

Equipping Our Students

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