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Schedule & Fees


* All students are required to pass the entrance exam to join our class.

Current Schedule


$30/ hour

15:45 - 19:45


9:00 - 11:00


9:00 - 11:00

$30/ hour

15:45 - 19:45

11:10 - 14:10

11:10 - 14:10

Advanced Study
$30/ hour

15:45 - 19:45

14:20 - 18:20

14:20 - 18:20

School Fees

*  Time for monthly tuition payment is from the 24th of each month to the 7th of the next month.
*  A 10% late fee will be charged if the payment is not made within the time limit.
*  The upcoming tuition will be announced by the studio each month.
*  Students may schedule missed classes by appointment only with the studio.
*  Refund will not be issued for missed classes or any reason.
*  Once students leave, they will never be allowed to apply again.


 5% off for 2 or more students in one family applying together. 

Scholastic &
Other Competition

Maximum of 35 students.

*Students need to get approval from Mr. Zhang before applying.
*Sketches and Oil painting classes are on Saturday afternoons; Watercolors and Colored pencils classes are on Sunday afternoons.
*Including the copyright usage fee of the work material, and the photography fee after the work is completed.

Other Classes

Oil Painting  Course (Every Saturday afternoon) - $38/hour

Watercolor  Course (Every Sunday afternoon) - $38/hour

Photography Course (Every Sunday afternoon) - $38/hour

Digital Painting Course (Every Sunday afternoon) - $38/hour

All Camps

Spring Camp

Every April

* Open to all students at different levels.

Summer Camp

Every June - August 

* Open to all students at different levels.

Creation Camp

Every November 

* Creation camp requires students to have a certain level of painting techniques that are ready for competitions. Our teachers will announce the list in September.

*Maximum of 30 students.

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